Military Cable Ads Inc.
"Reaching Fort Carson Through the
Power of Cable Television"

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Military Cable Ads
Launched on June 1, 1990, Military Cable Ads Inc. is a locally-owned advertising system broadcasting to Fort Carson.



Military Cable Ads began broadcasting on four networks: CNN, ESPN, MTV and TNT. After a year in business, the company added USA to its network list, followed by seven additional networks two years later. All commercials were broadcast with ¾-inch tape format and loaded weekly.




Military Cable is now completely digital and broadcasts in high definition. Our latest equipment upgrades allow us to encode, transfer and schedule commercials within minutes. We currently broadcast on CNN, ESPN, MTV, TNT, USA, TBS, the Discovery Channel, Lifetime, BET, Spike, Fox News and Fox Sports.

We understand the importance of reaching Fort Carson soldiers with our advertising message. During the last 18 years, we helped hundreds of businesses grow by affordably airing their messages.

Military Cable views the Fort Carson community with the utmost respect and admiration. As a result, Military Cable Ads and its employees actively support our soldiers through many volunteer opportunities on post.

Fast Facts

Every 3,700 soldiers equates to $200 million in annual payroll.

In 1990 Fort Carson was the largest employer in the State of Colorado and had a troop population of 8,600 soldiers.

Fort Carson has steadily grown to its current population of approximately 31,000 soldiers and is projected to grow to 40,000+.


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